Steel Axe
Unboxed Boxed
SteelAxeTransparent SteelBoxed
Location Wood R Us
Cost $190 Money
Damage 0.93
Range 8
Swing Cooldown 0.7
In-game Description
"A quality mid-level cutting tool for general applications."

The Steel Axe is purchasable at Wood R Us for $190 Money. This axe is infrequently seen because a majority of players often skip buying this axe. Interestingly, this axe is often used as a "disposable" when venturing into dangerous or unforgiving locations and situations.


The head of this axe is brighter than the other axes, except for the Hardened Axe. It has a light-brown color for the handle, with a dull green strap near its base. Its box has a dull-green color on it, with the picture of the Steel Axe.


To obtain the Steel Axe, you must go to the Wood R Us store near the spawning area, and ensure that you have 190 Money. Then, proceed to the nearest wooden shelves, where you can find a dull-green box and the picture of the Steel Axe. Grab it, then drag it onto the counter, next to the entrance.

Then, talk to Thom, by pressing "E" when the "Talk to Thom" box has appeared. Click "Yes" or press "E" to purchase.

Once the GUI has disappeared, open the box by pressing "E" on it (note that you should stay near the box to open it), and press "E" again to place it in your inventory.

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