Unboxed Boxed
Location Fancy Furnishings
Cost $340 Money
Type Furniture or Storage
Usage Decoration
In-game Description
"Cook up some yummy."

The Stove is a furniture item sold for $340 Money at the Fancy Furnishings store, located within the Safari Square, in the Safari.

It is primarily used for decoration purposes, however, one may store items inside it as well by opening its black handle. It provides a small compartment which small items can fit in.

When rotated or turned, it reveals different views that can be used to mimic items not available in the game (for example, a TV).


The Stove sports a dark-grey exterior, with a black surface and a tilted section near its top. It has a functional, black handle, that when opened, reveals a dark-grey interior and a small compartment.

Its box is white and is fairly large, containing a picture of its decal on the box's front face.


The door can be opened in Fancy Furnishings but there is a bug which means you cannot open it on your base. This may be the same bug that prevents the right door on the Refrigerator from opening.