The Swamp is an mini-biome found between the Mountainside and the Safari. Gold Wood and Zombie Wood are exclusive to this area, and other areas such as the Swamp Cavern and are Swamp Rock found near the area.


  1. Rock Bridge Method
    • In this method, the player must have at least two Dynamite. First, the player must go into the peak of the Volcano, and go down the left cliffside where other mountains connect. A big, rectangular and recognizable rock is now to be blown up by the dynamite, and once blown up and slide to the gap of the Mountainside, the player may now let his/her vehicle pass the other side using the bridge. If the player continues to scale down the cliffside and go through the Swamp Cavern, the player will now reach the area.
  2. Safari Mountain Passage Method
    • In this method, the player must be in the Safari and make their way to the upper-left side of the biome. A lowered and slanted platform can be located, and the player must land on the platform (methods are given in the Safari Mountain Passage page). Once there, the player can now follow the path the passage leads to the Swamp itself.
  3. Planking Method
    • This method requires at least 6 long planks. In this method, the player must place planks slightly slanted to make a bridge to the cliffside nearest to the Swamp Cavern. Once the player reaches the entrance of the cavern, he/she may then proceed through the cavern and into the area.