The Swamp Cavern, located and known as the "Swamp Entrance", is a feature that connects the Swamp to the Mountain / Volcano Area and allows vehicular access. This Cavern twists into an 'S' shape that technically overlaps the River Tunnel. This Cavern is generally dark when graphics are high and has the same coloration and material as the surrounding mountainside. This tunnel appears to be artificial because of its attributes.


The Swamp Cavern has one main use: Vehicular access to the Swamp. To get a vehicle to this cavern, the player must cross the Rock Bridge safely (Dynamite is vital for this). Then, the player must follow the gravel path that winds around a wall of rock. Once the path has come to an abrupt end, the player must continue in the same general direction that the path was originally intended to go. The player will then come across a series of cliffs that must be completed with extreme vigilance and caution. There will, as well, be a final cliff that the player must balance the vehicles to prevent them from falling over. A Wobblebobble, Wobblierbobblier or a Bobbily Wobbily will help with this. Making a sharp left, the player will encounter the Swamp Cavern. (After being in the swamp, the player must follow a sloped mountain path that leads to the Safari.)

RobloxScreenShot11242015 190049-998

The entrance will look like this.

RobloxScreenShot11242015 190325-170

View from the inside of the Swamp Cavern.