Sweet Gift
Unboxed Boxed
A4534d47ee98303f33d60810b54d88c6 Candy cane Boxie
Location Was at Wood R Us
Cost Was $6,000 Money
Avg User Price Unknown
Type 2016 Gift
Usage Unknown
In-game Description
"Hm, sweet!"
Candy Axe

The Sweet Gift was released on December 11th, 2016 and was one of the six 2016 Christmas gifts introduced to the game. It was sold at Wood R Us for $6,000 Money before Christmas Day. This gift was on the same shelf as the Turkey. The gift, when unwrapped, reveals a boxed Candy Cane Axe. The Candy Cane Axe currently has no use.


The Sweet Gift could be found in Wood R Us in the Main Biome. In order for the player to purchase the Sweet Gift, they needed $6,000 Money. After, they must walk to the rear of the Wood R Us and locate the shelf nearest to the Wood Drop-off machines. On that shelf, two items would be found; the Hardened Axe and a row of Sweet Gifts. Once brought to the counter, the player could purchase the gift from Thom. It is now unobtainable and can only be bought from other players.

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