Sweet Gift
Unboxed Boxed
A4534d47ee98303f33d60810b54d88c6 Candy cane Boxie
Location Wood R Us
Cost Was $6,000 Money
Type 2016 Christmas Gift
Usage Decoration
In-game Description
"Hm, sweet!"

The Sweet Gift was a gift that was released on December 11, 2016, as one of the six 2016 Christmas gifts introduced to the game. It was sold at Wood R Us for $13,000 Money before Defaultio lowered the price to $6,000 Money before Christmas Day.

This gift was on the same shelf as the turkey. The gift, when unwrapped, reveals a boxed Candy Cane Axe.


The Sweet Gift could be found at Wood R Us. In order for the player to purchase the Sweet Gift, they needed $6,000 Money.

After confirming they have the necessary amount of money, one must walk to the rear of the Wood R Us and locate the shelf nearest to the Wood Dropoff machines. On that shelf, two items would have been found: the Hardened Axe and a row of Sweet Gifts. Once brought to the counter, the player could purchase the gift from Thom.

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