Taiga Biome
RobloxScreenShot11142015 081917194
Type Biome
Location On the left side of Wood R Us, Behind Cherry Meadow
Royalty Free Music ~ Ambient E Singing Bells-IVoVGBMSW64

Wood Types Pine Wood
Fir Wood
Snowglow Wood
Max Trees 90

Taiga Biome, also known as the Snow Area, or Tundra, is a hidden biome which is covered in a thick layer of snow. The Taiga Biome is located to the left of the Wood Drop-off. This area is bordered by high mountain ridges and is separated from the Main Biome with a pileup of rocks that fall from the Snow Cave.

Accessing the Biome

Dynamite is necessary in order for vehicles to pass through because there are rocks that fill the entrance. (This is not the case for now)

However, on rare occasion, there will be a passage big enough for a car to fit through. This is highly uncommon, though. Read more here.

During the ROBLOX's "Winter Games 2017" Event, the player does not need to blow up any boulders due to the snow boulders blocked in the roof of the Taiga Scaffold to grant access. However after this event the boulders still do not spawn, meaning you don't need dynamite for accessing the biome.


Trees in this biome are different than any other in the game because of their towering height with skinny branches and flat leaves. In fact, these are the tallest trees in the game. The color of their planks is a beige color and similarly, relates to that of Elm Wood. Read more at Pine Wood and Fir Wood.

During ROBLOX's "Winter Games 2017" Event, a new type of wood, Snowglow Wood, is added to this biome. Two structures were also introduced in this update: the Taiga Scaffold and the Winter Cabin

Special Features

The Taiga Biome has six unique Geographic features: The Snow Arch, The Snow Cave, The Snow Peninsula, Taiga Mountain Passage, Taiga Peak and the Taiga Pit (also a structure located in the biome).

The Den is located within this biome. This is currently the only location where players can obtain the Rukiryaxe, after bringing all the necessary items. It is located under a hatch hidden beneath the snow, next to a cliff with a tiny red eagle painted on the rock.

This biome was also a common spawn location for Spook and Sinister wood during the time of the 2015 Halloween Update.

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