Taiga Mountain Passage
Type Geographic Feature
Location Taiga Biome
Royalty Free Music ~ Ambient E Singing Bells-IVoVGBMSW64
Wood Types Spook Wood and Sinister Wood
Max Trees Unknown

The Taiga Mountain Passage is an inclined roadway linking the Ocean Cove and the Taiga Biome, going on a roundabout route through the Taiga Mountains. There are quite a few sharp corners, as well as long drops that lead either to the ocean below or crevices. Once in these crevices, there is no way for the player to get out, other than resetting. This may gain significance after the proposed Naval Update. The mountain passage can be found in the back of the Taiga Biome. The passage itself is hidden, not very well, but it is. It is also outcasted by the fog, the mountain passage is just like the regular steep passages, and it takes the player to a higher foot of ground. The Taiga Mountain Passage is like a maze due to the tiny amount of different ways. If the player travels up there, they will find a tiny cave. If they go further along, they will find the Ocean Cove.

This ramp was added in the Mega January update. The location of the ramp is close to Eagle Hideout.

The player can also find the Snow Mountain Cave in the passage. On February 14, 2017, the passage allows players access to the Taiga Peak.

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