The Taiga Peak was introduced in ROBLOX's "Winter Games 2017" Event, and is the only spot in Lumberland where Frost Wood grows.

Due to the peak's high elevation, one may get a fairly large view of the Ocean Cove and the Taiga. To locate the peak, the player must go to the Taiga Mountain Passage, then walk (or drive) all the way up the path, across the bridge-like structure (driving is not recommended, due to the high possibility of falling off), and along the path. The player should continue along the path until  reaching the peak. While driving/walking up, snow may obscure drop-offs and cliffs, so one must be careful not to fall off. The Ruined Lighthouse is also located nearby the peak.


The Taiga Peak is an area at the top of the Taiga Mountain Passage. Sloping down from the peak are two cliffs, one of which is commonly used to harvest Frost Wood. The second cliff seems to drop under some of the rocks, particularily one that you use to get to the peak. One may find Frost Wood trees growing here; also, the peak is surrounded by moderately high cliffs. Since the Frost Wood update, the route to the peak has become much longer.