This feature only exists in game files.

Test Wood is an unreleased variant of wood that can be found in the game files. It is classified as "Test" within the game files, and would grow in the "Test Region", which is not a current region in the game anymore.

It is believed that Test Wood was used as a model for constructing Fir Wood and Pine Wood, and is very likely derived from Oak Wood. It is unknown as to how long this wood has existed.


Test Wood maintains the same color of wood, bark, and leaves as Oak Wood, and generally grows to be the same height, though the tree does not have split branches. Test Wood will grow branches similar to Pine and Fir. Occasionally, these branches may split. The leaves of Test Wood trees are the same width and height as the width of the tree's trunk, like Phantom Wood.

Oddly, this tree has different prices in comparison to Oak. Although the unit price per plank is 0.2 Money less than Elm (compared to Oak at 10 Money per unit), the log price per unit is higher than the plank price at 3 Money per unit, compared to the Oak's log unit price of 1.5 Money.

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