The Maze is a complex tunnelling system located underneath the Tropics and the Ocean. The entrance to this semi-biome is located at the back end of the Tropics and, depending on where the player chooses to go, leads to either the Cavecrawler Cavern, the Safari Exit Hole (where players can teleport out of the Maze to the Safari Hole).

This tunnelling system gets its name from the maze-like structure. Most people use this system to acquire the rare Cavecrawler Wood.

Inside, The Maze is already very dark at day but is known to become nearly pitch-black during the night. It is recommended to bring a Worklight or use the headlights on the front of vehicles by pressing "L". Console users do not need to worry about this as The Maze is lit up for them during any time of the day.

Black Walls

The Black Walls are seven walls set around The Maze. They are designed to keep a third of The Maze, including Cavecrawler Cavern, separated from the rest of The Maze. However, there will usually always be one or more walls down at any given time, ensuring at least one route to the Cavern. The open wall is subject to change at any time, usually when a route is leaked on social media. There have even been some occurrences where all the walls were up, blocking all paths into the Cavern. It is impossible to complete the maze without passing at least one of these walls. Using exploits to attempt to remove one of these walls will result in a ban.

Safari Exit Hole

Roblox The Maze Emergency Exit Hole

An unconventional way to exit the maze is to exit through the Safari Exit Hole, a cave extension located high up in a tiny cave inside the Maze. Just like the Safari Exit Hole in the End Times Biome, it will teleport any players or items that go into it to the Safari Hole located in the Safari.

Characters in The Maze

There are 4 NPCs located in the maze: Joel, Geck, Slam, and Timothy

Each character has different traits and dialogues:

  • Geck claims that he owns a boat shop and it is somewhere down in The Maze.
  • Slam mysteriously says "Heh heh...".
  • Joel warns the player that they can lose their soul in these caverns.
  • Timothy runs the Fine Arts Shop and is the only NPC in the maze that doesn't seem to be lost.