Snow Cave
RobloxScreenShot11242015 184204-369
Type Geographic Feature
Location Taiga Biome Cliffside
Royalty Free Music ~ Ambient E Singing Bells-IVoVGBMSW64
Wood Types None
Max Trees Unknown
A simple map of the snow cave

The Snow Cave is located in the Taiga Biome cliffside.
Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 10.12.54 AM
The Snow Cave is a not-so-widely known feature. The Snow Cave is quite deep, deep enough to fit at least one Snow Arch in it. There is a winding path that comes from this cave and down into the Taiga Biome entrance. This path is "slippery" and objects on it will slide downwards no matter how much friction is applied.


The reason for all of this is because this cave is the source of the Boulders that fill and block the entrance to the Taiga Biome.

During the ROBLOX's "Winter Games 2017" Event, the Snow Cave did not produce any boulders, which removes the usage of the Taiga Scaffold. It should be noted that the boulders don't spawn even after the event, but the scaffold is under the land which means the script for spawning boulders is disabled. Although it is possible to get the boulders to spawn even after the removal of the script, if you get inside the Snow Cave there is an anomaly that hangs from the ceiling, bring some dynamite to blow this up, but be cautious the dynamite will slide down the slippery path, so timing is key. After the dynamite blows up, boulders should spawn and slide down the slope, also some boulders will get destroyed in the process. As of October 1st, the boulders are spawning again, but they are transparent, so there is still no need for dynamite. Whether the rocks will effect loose items is unknown.

RobloxScreenShot12172015 200540544

The Snow Cave releases cubic Rocks like this.

RobloxScreenShot11242015 184628-741

Rocks that fell from The Snow Cave that blocks the entrance to the Taiga Biome.

RobloxScreenShot11242015 214613016

The view at the very back of the cave.

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