Location Fine Arts Shop
Apparel Striped Shirt, mustache, monocle, and pink devil horns
Speciality Runs the Fine Arts Shop
Other Attributes Runs a shop on the Maze

Timothy is the owner of the Fine Arts Shop. He currently is the only store owner in The Maze, and his appearance is an artist. He is very polite to the customer.

Most of his items are expensive, probably because he finds sheer delight in painting his own portraits.

His personality seems very happy and calm.


Timothy wears a striped shirt containing the colors white and dark blue with a SUPREME writing on the back of his shirt, white pants, black shoes, black tie, a black beret, and pink devil horns.


Introduction: "Ah, a customer, please browse my collection."

If player brings item to counter: "Buy this (item name) for (item price)?"

If player brought item successfully: "Thank you, kind gentleperson."

If player doesn't have enough money: "Hey, what are you trying to pull? Come back with more money."

If player doesn't buy item: "Ah, well come back another day!"

If item disappears/falls off counter: "Oh, I think I lost your item."

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