Timothy is the owner of the Fine Arts Shop, a store located within The Maze. He is very friendly and polite to the customer, as seen from his dialogues.


Timothy wears a Beret with Mustache, Red Spikes of Victory (pink version), a Monocle, a Skinny Tie, a Striped shirt, and White pants.


"Ah, a customer, please browse my collection."

  • If an item is on the counter: "Buy this (item name) for (item price)?"
    • If player picks "Yes" with sufficient Money for the item price: "Thank you, kind gentleperson."
    • If player picks "Yes" with insufficient Money for the item price: "Hey, what are you trying to pull? Come back with more money."
    • "No": "Ah, well come back another day!"
    • If the item disappears/falls down the counter before buying: "Oh, I think I lost your item."