Title Unknown
Unboxed Boxed
Titleunknown Boxedtitleunknown
Location Fine Arts Shop
Cost $5,980 Money
Type Painting
Usage Decoration
In-game Description
"By Leroy, Contemporary original work."

Title Unknown, by Leroy, is the first watercolor painting found within the Fine Arts Shop, in the Maze, and can be bought for $5,980 Money.


The painting features a double-decked fishing boat in the ocean, along with another fishing boat in the background during a sunset. Distant grey clouds can be spotted in this painting. The frame of the painting is similar to the Gold Wood's plank color.

Due to the relevance of the painting to previously hinted boats, it is less predictable that this object is hinting toward the later updates of the game. However, these hints are merely producing rumors, and those should not be trusted.