Tropics Bay
RobloxScreenShot07102016 165606632 - Copy
Type Body of water
Location Between Cliff Peninsula and Tropics Bay Peninsula
Music Music played from nearest biome.
Wood Types None
Max Trees Unknown
See image above.

The Tropics Bay is a large bay located between the Tropics Bay Peninsula and the Cliff Peninsula.


The Tropics Bay, surrounded by a set of grey walls, is a wide inlet located between the Cliff Peninsula and the Tropics Bay Peninsula. The majority of the walls that surround this bay are smooth, without many rough edges. These walls are abnormally large compared to surrounding cliff sides and create a "land-bridge" that connects the Tropics and the rest of Lumberland. Players attempting to traverse these mountains may encounter struggles near these.


The Tropics Bay was created during the January Mega Update where various geographic locations and biomes were introduced. As a result of the creation of several peninsulas and mountains, this bay was created. It should be noted that this bay will likely not experience any updates or specific locations added to it due to its accidental creation.

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