The Tropics was added on January 22, 2016, with the rest of the January Mega Update. This biome contains Link's Logic, Fine Arts Shop, The Maze and Cavecrawler Wood.


This biome is unique because its mountains feature a gray color, this in contrast to the brown mountains everywhere else in the game. These grey cliffs extend fairly far and create a notable peninsula named the Tropics Peninsula near the coast of the Tropics. While many people consider this an island, that is an incorrect statement because there is a line of cliffs that connect the Tropics to the Ocean Cove.

The biome's grass maintains a considerably bright green that extends throughout the entire biome. Unlike most other biomes, the shores of this biome contain sand that slowly descends into the Ocean making it look like the Sand Dock on the Main Biome.

The Tropics currently has two stores: Link's Logic and The Fine Arts Shop. Link's Logic is located at the end of the paved road, at an end that looks similar to that of a parking lot. This store sells logic gates and wiring items. Meanwhile, the Fine Arts Shop is located within The Maze and sells paintings.