Tropics Biome
Type Biome
Location Across the Ocean
Bassa Island Game Loop - Kevin MacLeod
Wood Types Koa Wood, Birch Wood,
Elm Wood, Cavecrawler Wood,
Spook Wood
Max Trees 80

The Tropics Biome was added on January 22, 2016, during the January Mega Update. This biome includes Koa Wood, Birch Wood, Cavecrawler Wood, Elm Wood and Spook Wood (which rarely spawns). The main characteristics of this biome are Link's Logic, The Maze and its anomalies, Koa Wood and Cavecrawler Wood.


The biome's grass maintains a light, considerably bright green that extends throughout the entire biome. Unlike most other biomes, the shores of this biome contain sand that slowly descends into the Ocean making it look like the Sand Dock on the Main Biome. The sand is the same color as the Ocean floor.

The biome also has its own dock which the Ferry dock on. There is a black road that begins at the shores and turns left that guides players to Link's Logic.

The Tropics Biome currently has two stores: Link's Logic and The Fine Arts Shop.

Link's Logic is located at the end of the paved road, at an end that looks similar to that of a parking lot. This store sells logic gates and wiring items.

The Fine Arts Shop is located within The Maze and sells paintings.

It is theorized that in the future, another shop will be added next to Link's Logic. This theory explains why the store is in the corner, and not the end of the road. There are also many theories about a Boat Shop being added to The Maze in the future, as said by Geck.

Another interesting factor about this area is that it is surrounded by small, grey cliffs, unlike other biomes that have tall, brown cliffs. The grey cliffs appear to have a pebble or rock texture. These grey cliffs extend fairly far and create a notable peninsula named the Tropics Peninsula near the coast of the Tropics. While many people consider this an island, that is an incorrect statement because there is a line of cliffs that connect the Tropics to the Ocean Cove.

During the ROBLOX's "Winter Games 2017" Event, the Tropics was not affected by the snow and the challenge.

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