Tropics Peninsulas
RobloxScreenShot0710016 165722410 - Copy
Type Geographic Feature
Location Edge of the Tropics
Bassa Island Game Loop by Kevin MacLeod
Wood Types Elm Wood,
Koa Wood,
and Birch Wood
Max Trees Unknown
RobloxScreenShot0710016 165722410 - Copy

The Tropics Peninsula and The Tropics Bay Peninsula are two Peninsulas that are located on the border cliffs of the Tropics Biome. The first Peninsula, the Tropics Peninsula is the most visible and notable peninsula out of the two, The second peninsula, The Tropics Bay Peninsula is much smaller than the Tropics Peninsula and isn't very noticeable, but it still counts as a peninsula.

These two peninsulas create a "cove-like" area, this area is called "The Tropics Cove". The peninsulas don't contain anything except some cliffs, but the Tropics Peninsula does kind of resemble a staircase.

These two peninsulas might never contain anything special but who knows what Defaultio adds in the future?

To the left of the Peninsulas, there is one of the Sand Islands. This may be the closest Sand Island located to one of the biomes.

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