Unboxed Boxed
Turkey BoxedTurkey
Location Was at Wood R Us
Cost Was $200 Money
Type Event Item
Usage Decoration
In-game Description
"Get your turkey on Turkey Thursday."

The Turkey was a limited-time item that came out for Thanksgiving 2016. It was found covering an entire shelf at Wood R Us for $200 Money.

The Turkey can be cooked the same way that the player can burn the Lump of Coal. It cannot be cooked in the oven, the turkey used to revert back to normal after the player rejoined the game or reloaded their base. After 11/26/2016 cooked turkeys save their color.


Cooking the turkey requires the same process of burning the Lump of Coal. In order to keep the turkey roasted, the player must unbox the turkey, bring it to any heat-damaging area in the Volcano Obstacle and let it remain still for about 5 - 20 minutes. After that, the player will then see that the color of the turkey will proceed to change along with a red glow emitting from the item.

There are many colors representing how the turkey is cooked, ranging from a light tan to a dark brown and onto a dark black (shown respectively in the gallery below.) Each stage will progressively become longer to cook. Thus, the first stage requires about 5 minutes of roasting, 15 minutes of roasting for the second stage, and 20 minutes for the last.

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