A unit of Oak Wood next to a Work Light for size comparison

A unit is a volume of 1x1x1 studs, which is the size of a tiny floor. This is what everything is calculated with. Units are used to base a wood's selling price or wood required for a Blueprint, which always specifies how much wood is used, and the number is always measured in these units.

To easily visualize this, set a sawmill to create planks of height 1 and width 1, then cut it with your axe to a nice cube. This will be 1 unit of wood.

Units are the standard measure size for both logs and planks (though log unit is debatable.)

Some of the Blueprints

Smooth Wall 4*8*1 Thin Smooth Wall 2*8*1 Smooth Wall Corner 2*8*2
Short Smooth Wall 4*4*1 Thin Short Smooth Wall 2*4*1 Short Smooth Wall Corner 2*4*2
Smooth Wall Stub 4*2*1 Short Smooth Wall Stub 2*2*1 Smooth Wall Corner Stub 2*2*2
Corrugated Wall 4*8*1 Thin Corrugated Wall 2*8*1 Corrugated Wall Corner 2*8*2
Short Corrugated Wall 4*4*1 Thin Short Corrugated Wall 2*4*1 Short Corrugated Wall Corner 2*4*2
Corrugated Wall Stub 4*2*1 Short Corrugated Wall Stub 2*2*1 Corrugated Wall Corner Stub 2*2*2

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