Unused Content, or Removed Content are things in Lumber Tycoon 2 that were planned to be released, but never added or things that were released for a short period of time, but were removed later.

Stone Axe

The Stone Axe was an item that could be obtained during the Pre-Alpha Testing Stage of Lumber Tycoon 2. It was later replaced by the Basic Hatchet due to that fact that this axe had not been retextured in any way. For curiosity, this axe can be seen in the player's inventory, no matter what the type of axe it is. The original box is also included in the VIP Room.

Pink Neon Wire


The Pink Neon Wire was a planned item to add in Link's Logic along with the other neon wires but It was never added for some reason. It was just a regular Neon Wire, but pink.

Eerie Skull

Eerie skull

Eerie Skull was an item planned to be released during the 2016 Halloween Update, along with Dark Pumpkin and Preserved Enlarged Ostrich Eye. Its release was canceled by Defaultio, due to exploiters spawning in the item from the game files before it was  released.

Magenta Icicle Lights

Magenta Icicle Lights

Magenta Icicle Lights was planned item to be added in, during which Icicle Lights were added. However, the Magenta Icicle Lights were never added due to unknown causes.

Pink Wood

Pink Wood was a featured classified wood type in Lumber Tycoon 2 and is unknown the exact date it was released and if it will ever be returned to the game or not. It was available on consoles until its decommission, and could be rarely found inside Oak Wood trees.
One week after discovery, on 6/28/16, the wood was confirmed to have been available on consoles only and was available during a certain period. Its value per unit is yet not confirmed because of people did not want to sell this wood to the Wood Dropoff because it was extremely rare during the period it was released.

Black Worklight Box

RobloxScreenShot06122016 205153233-1

There used to be a Black Worklight Box on the Retirement Stand. It is unknown why it was there. On 6/13/16, the black Worklight was replaced with the Chop Saw and the Wire.

VIP Room Pre-Alpha Boxes


In the VIP Room, there are some items from Pre-Alpha. They are the Stone Axe, Fair Sawmill, Conveyor, Worklight and a drawing of a car named 'Text'. The boxed items from today have different size and texture.