Utility Vehicle
Unboxed Boxed
VehicleNew1 Boxedutility
Location Wood R Us
Cost $400 Money
Type Vehicle
Usage Travel and get wood
In-game Description
"You can get a little bit around."

The Utility Vehicle is a vehicle which can be purchased at Wood R Us for $400 in-game Money. It has a hitch that can interact with trailers and a Wobblebobble.


The vehicle is the smallest out of all the trucks, with four wheels, headlights, 2 seats, one being for the driver and a passenger, a steering wheel which is just for decoration, a hitch, and a small trunk.

Its box is colored red, with a picture if the Utility Vehicle. It's currently unknown why the truck in the picture on the box has no headlights.


To obtain the Utility Vehicle, the player must own at least a plot of Land, and ensure that he/she has $400 Money. Then, the player must go to the Wood R Us store and look on the nearest shelves for a red-colored box and the picture of the Utility Vehicle. Then, he/she must drag (holding left-click) it onto the counter where Thom is, next to the entrance. Then the player must talk to Thom (press "E") and he will say: "Buy this Utility Vehicle for 400 Money?" click "Yes" and he will say "Thank you!." Then, the player must go to their Land and place it on their plot.


To respawn the Utility Vehicle, the player must ensure that he/she has $8 Money, and place their cursor on the orange circles found in the front of the Utility Vehicle's spawner, so a box will appear saying to respawn the player's vehicle for $8 Money.

Then, the player must press "E," and now, the player has a respawned vehicle.

(Note that when placing a newly-bought Vehicle on the player's Land, it will automatically spawn the vehicle).

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