Utility Vehicle XL
Unboxed Boxed
Utility Vehicle XL Slam XLboxed
Location Boxed Cars
Cost $5,000 Money
Type Vehicles
Usage Transportation and mobile storage
In-game Description
"A slightly larger bed than that
offered by the standard model."

The Utility Vehicle XL is a vehicle that can be purchased from Boxed Cars for $5,000 Money. As its name suggests, its only appearance difference from the standard Utility Vehicle is its increased length and width.


It has the same features of other trucks. The player may also toggle the lights on this vehicle. It has a deeper engine start sound than the Utility Vehicle, but not as deep as the Val's All-Purpose Hauler.


The Utility Vehicle XL contains a driver seat and a passenger seat. It can spawn on any color that is listed in the game. The box of the Utility Vehicle XL is colored black and contains the decal of the vehicle on the front and back-side of the box.


To obtain the Utility Vehicle XL, the player must own at least one plot of Land. The player is required to have at least $5,100 Money (100 needed for the bridge). Then, the player must go to the Boxed Cars store which is in the Safari biome and locate the box of the Utility Vehicle XL and drag it to the counter near Jenny. The player may now speak with Jenny and agree to buy the vehicle. The player must open the box and place it on the desired location at their base, and if successful, the vehicle spawner will now be placed, plus a free Utility Vehicle XL on top of it.


To respawn the Utility Vehicle XL, the player must ensure that he has $100 money and place their cursor on the orange circle found in the front of the Utility Vehicle XL's spawner.  A box dialogue will appear and asks if the player wants to respawn the vehicle. Confirm by pressing 'E'.(When placing a newly-bought Vehicle on the player's Land, that vehicle will automatically spawn).