Utility Vehicle XL
Unboxed Boxed
Utility Vehicle XL Slam XLboxed
Location Boxed Cars
Cost $5,000 Money
Type Vehicle
Usage Travel and get wood
In-game Description
"A slightly larger bed than that
offered by the standard model."

The Utility Vehicle XL is a larger model of the Utility Vehicle.

It can be bought at the Boxed Cars store for $5,000 in-game money. As its name suggests, its only appearance difference from the standard Utility Vehicle is its increased length and width. Thus, it can carry more items than the standard model. Unlike the other trucks, it has a deeper sounding engine similar to that of a diesel engine. Like all other trucks, it can tow trailers and turn on its headlights by pressing the "L" key. It costs $100 Money to respawn.

This vehicle, due to its price, is usually skipped over by players in order to save up money for the notably better Val's All-Purpose Hauler.

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