The VIP Room is a very secretive building that, by chance, appears during Server Initialization and disappears almost as fast as it had appeared (often times when the numbers read 2, 5, 0 (When there isn't any lag, it would disappear after 3 seconds upon starting the server.)).

The room is in the shape of a box, and appears not very far from Yes! – it's the Land Store. The outer layer of the box consists of poor-quality images drawn using a paint program, with repetitive text in the images stating that the room is for VIPs.

Room Contents

The room consists of several boxes which are thought to be scrapped designs from pre-alpha or were used for testing. The contents of the room included: Stone Axes; which when opened will turn out to be an alpha axe, most probably due to a glitch. sawmills, conveyors with conveyor supports, Worklights, and drawings of a car named 'Text' with a red outline; which has the result of nothing if opened.

Purpose & Use

While the VIP Room has no use today, back in the days of Pre-Alpha it was used as a starter pack for when Wood R Us hadn't been implemented yet & Defaultio was still working on shop scripts. It contained numerous boxes each with common items today found in Wood R Us. The boxes with the conveyor decals unbox into the regular conveyors, another box unboxes into a fair sawmill, the worklight boxes unbox into a worklight. There is also a strange empty box that unboxes into a mundane chair, the "Text" box which unboxes into nothing and the Stone Axe box which today unboxes into an Alpha Axe of Testing, thought to previously contain a Stone Axe

Accessing the Room

The only legitimate way to "access" the VIP Room is to simply wait until Server Initialization finishes. The game scripts can sometimes glitch, preventing the room from despawning (this is extremely unlikely). Some other ways you can access it are to disconnect at the right moment during the initialization or to load the box up in an exploited map in Studio.