The Vehicle Spawner, or the Vehicle Spot, is where you can spawn a vehicle. The player will need a plot of land if they want to place it down. Vehicle Spawners can be bought at the Wood R Us (for the Utility Vehicle) and Boxed Cars (for all other vehicles and trailers). Other players also use Vehicle Spawners as walls or flooring.

The vehicle spawners have white angles on the corners, an orange button in the front, and the rest of the spawner is in the Plank material. If the orange button is pressed, the vehicle of that spawner will spawn. When the vehicle is bought and placed down for the first time, a vehicle will already be spawned.

The size of the Vehicle Spawner depends on the size of the vehicle. In addition, the price to spawn a vehicle will differ from each other. Using a vehicle spawner has a 1 in a 650 chance to spawn a pink vehicle.

How to Move/Destroy the Vehicle Spawner

RobloxScreenShot03112016 174219430

A Vehicle Spawner/Spot

If a player wants to move a Vehicle Spawner, hover over it with the mouse and press the letter "E" on the keyboard. Once "E" is pressed, the menu will appear on the screen.

It will look similar to the picture to the right. Once it appears, click Move, and move it around. Then, press "E" wherever the player so chooses to place it.


The menu for moving vehicle spots.

To destroy a vehicle spawner, do the steps again. Instead of clicking move, click destroy.
Name Respawning Prices:
Utility Vehicle $8
Utility Vehicle XL $100
Val's All-Purpose Hauler $380
Small Trailer $36
531 Hauler $260
Sleigh $2000
Vehicle Colors (Trucks and Trailers):
Grey (#8D8D8D)
Dark Orange
Light Brown

Dark Green

Quicksand (#BE8F82)
Hot Pink
Mint Green

There is a lime green colored vehicle on the cover of the game. However, there haven't been any reports of this color spawning on trucks. In addition, when spawning a Sleigh it will not be a different color, other than red.

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