Type Geographic Feature; Volcano
Location Top of Mountainside,
above Underground Grove
Club Diver - Kevin MacLeod
Wood Types Lava Wood,
Birch Wood, Oak Wood
Max Trees 10

The Volcano is a geographic feature in Lumber Tycoon 2. It currently is the only homeowner of the famous Lava Wood and resides at the very top of the Mountainside.

The Volcano is a risky and dangerous place to go, and many people lose their axes because of the lava, in which anything will be burnt to pieces in, including players, planks, logs, axes, cars, and boulders.

Players can place a Lump of Coal inside the volcano, and if they wait long enough, the coal will catch on fire.  Placing a Turkey inside will cook it.

It's recommended to bring a standard vehicle to minimize any losses.

Accessing The Volcano

The only way to access the Volcano except by glitches is to drive up the Mountainside trail and it will lead you straight to the mouth of the Volcano, in which you will immediately start to lose health and have boulders tumbling down. Unless you exit into the top or the Boulder Cave.


The Volcano consists of many things, namely:


Lava Tree

Volcano Top, where the Lava Wood resides.


A player on the entrance to the Volcano Obstacle.

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