The Volcano is a geographic feature located at the top of the Mountainside. Within the Volcano, areas such as the Lava Trail, Underground Grove, Boulder Cave, and the Lava Cavern, which leads to the Green Box. The wood exclusive and found at its peak is Lava Wood.


The Volcano can be accessed by driving up the tan, gravel road in the Mountainside. If the player desires to reach its peak, the player must first own any vehicle and pass the obstacle inside.

The Obstacle

The Volcano has three main obstacles. The first and most unavoidable obstacle the player encounters is heat. Heat depletes the player's health constantly while inside the obstacle. The player will die from heat after roughly fifty-three seconds within the obstacle. 

The second obstacle is boulders. Boulders spawn in the Boulder Cave, which is located near the top of the course. When a player enters the volcano, boulders will begin to spawn inside the cave and wind down the path. The player must find a way to dodge these boulders, as being struck by one will send their vehicle flying in a typically unwanted direction.

The last obstacle is lava. Lava, when touched, will instantly kill the player. Any unanchored object that comes into contact with it will proceed to unweld and emit flame particles.