Wall Light
Unboxed Boxed
Location Fancy Furnishings
Cost $90 Money
Type Furniture
Usage Decoration, Light source
In-game Description
"Looks nice on exterior walls."

The Wall Light is an item which is placeable on the player's land and can bought for $90 Money at Fancy Furnishings in the Safari Shopping District in the Safari biome.

This light isn't as powerful as the floodlight and is mostly used as a decoration.


The Wall Light is cylindrical in shape, with a rectangular base on the back from which the player may attach this object to structures. The exterior of the Wall Light is light grey, while the interior is black in coloration, containing a light bulb that is toggled via a button on the side.

Cosmetic Purposes

The Wall Light is an item usually used to light up doorways, garages, etc. although it is sightly more expensive than the versatile Worklight. It has a power outlet that can be operated to switch on and off through automation of manual action.

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