Walnut Wood is a variant of wood that grows exclusively in the Safari. It is mostly used to fill blueprints due to its unique color, and its low monetary value when sold.


Walnut wood grows roughly the same size as an Elm tree would, with the exception of this wood's height and branching system.

Its exterior is lighter than its interior, but both sport a brown hue.


Walnut wood is typically easy to harvest, as the wood grows in the Safari, the neighboring biome of the Main Biome. To access the Safari, the player must cross the Bridge by paying $100 Money at the Bridge Fee Booth at the Main Biome.

A vehicle is recommended as simply dragging the wood back to the Main Biome is inefficient and can be costly. A Silver Axe or better is also recommended for efficient chopping. Since the wood is large, a Sawmax 01 or better is recommended for milling purposes.

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