Winter Cabin
SnowCabin Day
Type Building
Location Taiga Biome
Music None
Wood Types None
Max Trees 0

The Winter Cabin, also known as The Cabin or the Ski Lodge (according to ROBLOX's Winter Games blog), is a building located in the Taiga Biome that was added during ROBLOX's "Winter Games 2017" Event. During that event, players were instructed to collect Snowglow Wood and bring it to the cabin to be processed in order to keep it warm. By meeting a quota on how much wood you have processed, players were awarded a badge and an avatar item (the Skiipack[1]).

However, the structure was never removed from the Taiga Biome after the event ended, likely as a decorative element.


The cabin is relatively large and has a very slanted roof on the main structure of it.

It is made out of dark brown wood, similar to Bob's Shack. The outline of the house (corners, edges, etc.) is made out of a dark-gray stone, as well as the chimney.


A general overlay of the layout of the Winter Cabin.

There are two mini-structures connected to the cabin's main structure: the Snowglow Bin and the porch. They are both also dark brown, with roofs over them. The door to the cabin can be opened by grabbing (left-click) the handle and is located beneath the roof of the porch. All roofs on this cabin are covered with snow.

The interior of the cabin is dark, as there is no source of light except for the light that comes through the open door and the Firewood inside of the cabin. The chimney is located to the left of the entrance, and there is a stone support pillar in the middle. Music does not play in the cabin.

There is a pink wood block under the floor of the cabin. However, this is merely another script-handler block. This can be seen through using Shift-Lock and facing the left-side of the Snowglow Bin, and while inside the bin.

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