Unboxed Boxed
Yellow noob head boxed
Location Fancy Furnishings
Cost Was $220 Money
Type Event Item
Usage Vehicle Balancing
In-game Description

The Wobblebobble is an event item that can be found within its box from the Wobbly Gift of Uncertainty, a gift that was purchasable at Fancy Furnishings for $220 Money as part of the 2015 Christmas Event.


Everything about the Wobblebobble is the same with the other wobbles, except for its bright-yellow color. Its box has the same, but has a slightly darker shade of yellow, with its decal on the front and back sides.

It is based on a ROBLOX hat called "Bighead".


The Wobblebobble has a strange property, where it stays upright in an intended position. It can also be hitched onto vehicles and will bobble around the attachment node when the vehicle is in motion.

A very famous rumor that states that it helps balance vehicles and prevent them from flipping, however, this is untrue. Because of it being a loose item, it can freely be used as decoration or for showcasing purposes.