Unboxed Boxed
Yellow noob head boxed
Location Was at Fancy Furnishings
Cost $220 Money
Type 2015 Gift
Usage Car balance
In-game Description

The Wobblebobble, also called the Noob Head, is an item found in the Wobbly Gift of Uncertainty. It was a gift which was only available for the week leading to Christmas Day, 2015. The item has an interesting property which causes it to always be oriented upright unless put upside down. In the 2016 Christmas Update, a new Wobblierbobblier appeared which was red.


The Wobblebobble's primary function is to balance cars, so when the player's vehicle falls from a cliff, it has an increased chance of landing upright, but it doesn't always work. The Wobblebobble can also be used to flip upside-down cars, but it usually takes several attempts of hitching and un-hitching. This is very useful for driving off the Volcano after obtaining Lava Wood or getting to the Rock Bridge. It's not recommended to hitch multiple of these, as it will reduce the effect.

Many players have also used the item for decorative purposes. Some have even gone so far as to create a "noob" statue and use the wobble as the head.

The Wobblebobble is based on a Roblox hat "Bighead".


A WobbleBobble attached to a truck.

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