Wobblier Gift of Less Certainty
Unboxed Boxed
Location Was at Fancy Furnishings
Cost Was $220 Money
Avg User Price $1,500 Money
Type 2016 Gift
Usage Truck Balancer
In-game Description
"¿ ¿ ¿"

The Wobblier Gift of Less Certainty was sold at Fancy Furnishings for $220 Money.

It was part of the first three 2016 gifts added on December 10th, with the others being the Happy Blue Gift of Fun and the Jingly Gift of Jingles.

When opened, it drops a Wobblierbobblier - the red variant of a Wobblebobble.


The Wobblier Gift of Less Certainty has a similar design to its 2015 counterpart (The Wobbly Gift of Uncertainty, that sports bunny-ear shaped loops for the top bow made from a bulged ribbon that surround the gift).

However, unlike its 2015 counterpart, the Wobblier Gift of Less Certainty has its own color scheme; a purple ribbon that generally retains that same color (except for its origins of the bunny-ear shaped loops) and a distressed, faded red gift wrapping.

Notably, on the backside of the gift, remains a distinctive black bar that is also found on the Wobbly Gift of Uncertainty. This is a texture bug that persists on both gift textures and it is unknown if this will ever be fixed.

Notably, the texture error will glow faintly due to the neon ROBLOX material of the gifts.

In comparison to other added gifts, the Wobblier Gift of Less Certainty remains to be roughly average sized.

Although the hitbox of the Wobbly Gifts may be the same size as the Happy Gift series (the Happy Red Gift of Fun and the Happy Blue Gift of Fun,) the Wobbly series appear to be larger due to the ribbon structure.

The box is in a square, red, shape with a picture of the Wobblierbobblier.

This item is base off of the BiggerHead on roblox.


The Wobblier Gift of Less Certainty used to be purchasable at Fancy Furnishings for $220 Money on the Christmas Update 2016. Now, you can only buy it from other players. Please be aware of scammers.

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