Oak Tree
Wood is the main source of Money and material. There are many different types of wood, each with its own unique characteristics and value.

You obtain logs (unprocessed wood) by cutting trees with axes. To sell wood you drag it to the Wood Dropoff on the right side of the Wood R Us store. You can also turn the logs into planks (processed wood)so that the wood sells at a higher selling price if you have a sawmill. You can also use wood to fill blueprints. Logs CANNOT fill in blueprints, only planks can do this.

Dead tree

Trees will die after a period of time. A tree that is close to dying is recognizable because of it loses of leaves that occurs shortly prior to death. When trees die, they turn black and it is no longer possible to cut or move the branches of the tree. Dead trees despawn quickly after they fall apart.

RobloxScreenShot11242015 225556426

A half-dead Oak tree.

Failing to periodically interact (clicking) with a cut tree or logs will cause loss of ownership. After some time, this will cause the tree or logs to disappear or be claimed by another player. When you leave the game, any logs you cut will not save on your land and will be unclaimed even if it was on your land. When you load, all trees and logs will be cleared to make room for your base.

Wood has 4 main traits: value (how much money it is worth), color, thickness (how wide the tree is), and density (how hard it is to cut). The average thickness of the trunk is used for thickness, while density has five categories: Paper (lowest density), Low, Medium, High, and Neutronium (highest density).

Would you like to learn all about wood in real life? Then go here!

For more information about each wood, go to their respective pages.

Name Money/unit log Money/unit plank Plank Color / Material Thickness Density
Elm $0.75 Money $6 Money Light Orange :: Wood 2.5 units High
Test $3 Money $5.8 Money Nougat :: Wood 1.2 units Paper
Pink ($0) $1.5 Money ($0) $10 Money Hot Pink :: Wood 1.2 units Paper
Snowglow $1.5 Money $10 Money New Yeller :: Smooth Plastic 2 units Medium
Oak $1.5 Money $10 Money Nougat :: Wood 1.2 units Paper
Walnut $1.2 Money $11 Money Reddish Brown :: Wood 2.5 units High
Cherry $1.3 Money $10.5 Money Dusty Rose :: Wood 1.6 units Medium
Birch $2.25 Money $15 Money Mid grey :: Wood 1.6 units Medium
Fir $3.2 Money $18 Money Brick Yellow :: Wood 2.5 units High
Pine $3.2 Money $18 Money Brick Yellow :: Wood 2.5 units High
Koa $2.8 Money $26.4 Money Rust :: Wood 4 units High
Lava $3.5 Money $28 Money Really red :: Wood 2.5 units High
Zombie $4.4 Money $30 Money Sea green :: Wood 2 units Medium
Palm $5.6 Money $32 Money Khaki :: Wood 2 units Low
Cavecrawler $5.1 Money $35 Money Lapis :: Neon 3 units High
Gold $5.7 Money $36 Money Br. yellowish orange :: Wood 2.5 units High
Spook $19 Money $52 Money CGA Brown :: Granite 3.5 units Neutronium
Sinister $25 Money $90 Money CGA Brown :: Neon 3.5 units Neutronium
Phantom $150 Money $420 Money Institutional white :: Foil 2.5 units High


OakNav2 CherryNav2 ElmNav2 BirchNav2
LavaNav2 WalnutNav2 KoaNav2 FirNav2
PineNav2 GoldNav3 ZombieNav2 PalmNav2
CavecrawlerNav2 SpookyNav2 SinisterNav2 PhantomNav2
SnowglowNav2 TestNav

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