Wood is the main source of obtaining Money, aside from trading in Lumber Tycoon 2. There are currently nineteen different types of wood in the game, and each has its own unique characteristics and value.


Wood has four main traits: Value (how much money it is worth), color, thickness (how wide the tree is), and density (how hard it is to cut). The average thickness of the trunk is used for thickness, while density has five categories: Paper (lowest density), Low, Medium, High, and Neutronium (highest density).

You can obtain logs (unprocessed wood) by cutting trees with Axes. You can also turn the logs into planks (processed wood) by processing the logs inside Sawmills. You can sell both in the Wood Dropoff, but planks produce significantly more money than logs. You can also use planks to fill in Blueprints. Logs cannot fill in blueprints, only planks can.

Trees will eventually die after varying amounts of time. A tree that is about to die can be recognizable, as the tree loses its leaves shortly prior to death. When trees die, each branch falls apart and turns black, and is no longer possible to cut, picked up, or processed in a sawmill. Dead trees then despawn shortly after they fall apart.

Loss of Ownership

Failing to periodically interact (clicking) the logs from the tree that a player has already cut will cause loss of ownership. This means that after some time, the logs will despawn or be claimed by another player, despite the log being previously cut.

When a player reloads or leaves the game, any logs you cut will not save on your land and will be left on the server unclaimed, even if it was on your land prior to leaving the game.

Any trees or logs that are within the area in which your base is about to load will be permanently cleared to make room for your base when loading.