Wood Detector
Unboxed Boxed
WoodDetectorUnboxed WoodDetectorBoxed
Location Link's Logic
Cost $11,300 Money
Type Logic Device
Usage Wiring
In-game Description
"Insert a wood sample of your choice, and this device will output a signal when it detects that type of wood in front of it."

The Wood Detector is a wiring item that can be bought at Link's Logic in the Tropics. This item came out shortly after the main wiring items were created.


The main purpose of this item is to detect if a wood type detected by its laser is the same with the wood type inside the hole in the device. If it is the same, then it will release a signal from the rear of the device. When it detects wood, it makes a quiet beep noise.

However, take note that putting multiple wood types inside the hole will cause the device to malfunction and not effectively work.

With this device, the player can create a wood sorting system by setting up a conveyor belt system that shifts an item to an assigned area using different variants of conveyors.