Wood Detector
Unboxed Boxed
WoodDetectorUnboxed WoodDetectorBoxed
Location Link's Logic
Cost $11,300 Money
Type Logic Device
Usage Wiring
In-game Description
"Insert a wood sample of your choice, and this device will output a signal when it detects that type of wood in front of it."

The Wood Detector can be found at Link's Logic, in the Tropics Biome.

When wood is placed inside the hole at the back of the device, it will emit a white laser. If the type of wood inserted in the machine is detected in front of the device, then it will release a signal from the rear of the device. This item came out shortly after the main wire items were created.

The player can set up a conveyor belt system where you place the wood detector next to the conveyor and then place a chop saw a conveyor after the detector, this way when the wood type passes the detector it will let the chop saw cut the wood into pieces making it easy to put in sawmills.

It's very useful for making a wood storage or a work in progress building. It could be used to send different types of wood to an assigned area. This may also be the key for many different circuits that can be created in the game.

You can put logs or planks into it, and it will detect logs and planks from that tree type. It does not detect multiple kinds of wood if you put more than one wood type in it.

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