Wood R Us
Location Spawn Area
Move Forward - Kevin MacLeod
Specialty Axes, Sawmills, Conveyors, Wall Blueprints, Miscellaneous things.
Better woodrus

Wood R Us is a large supply store that is open 24/7. This store contains vital elements for gameplay such as sawmills, axes, conveyors, first vehicle, blueprints, and basic electronics (Buttons and wires). To purchase an item, players must drag the box (the item) onto the counter and chat with Thom, the cashier, by pressing the 'E' key or "X" button. (Xbox)

The shop has many anomalies. One of the secrets is a hidden truss leading to the roof. The player can access the roof by using the following method:

  1. If you climb onto the middle of the blueprint sign, you will see a hole.
  2. Jump and climb up the truss.
  3. You will then be on top of the roof of Wood R Us and being able to see Lumberland.

Another secret is the multiple posters located inside and on the rooftop of the store.

RobloxScreenShot12222016 184137620
RobloxScreenShot12222016 184755485
The Bulletin Board is a very famous anomaly, which is located in this store. It consists of papers and posters, which gives hints and teasers for players, as well as a few jokes and laughs. Some of the most famous messages it has given to us includes a teaser for the End Times Update, a hint for the Shrine of the Sight, and a hint for the Rukiryaxe quest.
RobloxScreenShot12222016 184137620

There is also another hidden poster inside the store as well, it is not very widely known. When you enter the store, go straight and by the Wood Dropoff's conveyors, there is a little "cellar" that has mostly barrels in it. Hidden behind the barrels is a note to help players obtain the Rukiryaxe.

Another secret in Wood R Us is that there are 3 pink spheres inside the store's roof that are used for the saving scripts.

The Wood R Us Pit is a strange and mysterious hole that appeared sometime during early to mid-December. At the beginning of January, when the "Nothing is random" note was released, this hole was patched up by the grass. The purpose of this hole is unknown. At the moment it's located under Wood R Us, along with the Snowglow Bin

On February 15th, 2017 (release of ROBLOX's "Winter Games 2017" Event), a user discovered that there is a wood deposit right below the Wood R Us pit, which bears a striking resemblance to the deposit at the Winter Cabin. What's strange is that the wood deposit at the cabin is where the Taiga Pit originally was, before it was patched up. It is suspected that this will be a new wood dropoff for a specific type of wood in the future.


During Alpha Testing, the Alpha Axe of Testing was sold inside Wood R Us for $500, which was replaced by the Beta Axe of Bosses during Beta Testing, costing $1100, and then that got replaced by the Silver Axe, which costs $2040.

The last supposed secret was the Alpha Axe of Testing. The player could glitch to see the Retirement Stand. The Alpha Axe was removed from the stand since early 2015 and the Beta Axe of Bosses was removed on December 22, 2016. Now the retirement stand is left with nothing.

There is a Wood Dropoff on the side of the store where the player can sell wood. This is currently the only place at which the player can sell their wood. The player can sell logs, planks, and the Land Sign when they buy their first plot of land here. Selling this sign could help beginners as the sign gives them around $500.



Name Price
Basic Hatchet $12
Plain Axe $90
Steel Axe $190
Hardened Axe $550
Beta Axe of Bosses* $1,100
Alpha Axe of Testing* $500
Silver Axe $2,040


Name Price
Shabby Sawmill $130
Fair Sawmill $1,600
Sawmax 01 $11,000
Sawmax 02 $15,500
Sawmax 02L $86,500


Name Price
Straight Conveyor $80
Tilted Conveyor $95
Funnel Conveyor $60
Tight Turn Conveyor $100
Switch Conveyor $320
Wood Sweeper $430
Conveyor Supports $12
Turn Conveyor Supports $20
Straight Conveyor Switch Left $480
Straight Conveyor Switch Right $480


Name Price
Worklight $80
Turkey*** $200
Bag of Sand $1,600
Utility Vehicle $400
Blueprints $80

Wire and Structure

Name Price
Wire $205
Chop Saw $12,200
Button $320
Lever $520
Pressure Plate $640


Name Price
Fiery Gift of Lumber** $14,000
Wobbly Gift of Uncertainty** $220
Sweet Gift**** $6,000
BIG GIFT**** $1,006

No longer for sale *

2015 Christmas Event (No longer for sale) **

2016 Thanksgiving Event (No longer for sale) ***

2016 Christmas Event (No longer for sale) ****

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