Yes! – it's the Land Store
RobloxScreenShot11252015 121807900
Location Main Biome, Near Spawn Area
Music Local Forecast - Kevin MacLeod
Specialty Distributes Land Property
Yes! - It's the Land Store Map

Yes! – it's the Land Store, usually called The Land Store, is the only featured store in the game that sells land plots. The store is ran by Ruhven, who is believed to be bipolar and is also believed to be the brother of Thom, who is the owner of Wood R Us across the road.

The Land Store is the only shop that contains multiple colors in its sign, those being pink, gray, and green, as well as the only store that doesn't have any items featured in it or shelves. However, behind the counter consists of crates and the Rumors about Gusmanak poster. Sometime during the Beta Testing Stage the Land Store had a completely different sign and had chairs in the interior.


Buying Land

Ruhven sells land low in price at first, however, as the game progresses, players usually find themselves paying a ton of money to buy plots of land. It is not recommended to buy excess land unless you have lots of money or you absolutely need more space (or unless you want to max out that save slot).

The price of the first plot area is $100 Money and increases in value by $3,000 Money for every plot of land you buy. There is a total of 25 plots in a maxed out land, meaning that in total, to buy all of the land expansions will cost a total value of $900,100 in-game money to purchase.


Some players can "buy free land" by using a simple GUI glitch. Although the players will need to have enough money to "buy" the plot of land before they perform the glitch. This method does take extreme patience, effort, and sometimes money to do.

Although many people have done this glitch, few players know about it. For example, exploiters will almost never tell other players the methods of duping.

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